1.      The Homework Club is open to all Redeemer Baptist School students from Years 1-6 (or otherwise by special arrangement with the Principal or Headmaster).

2.      The Homework Club will be available on the premises of Redeemer Baptist School from 3:15pm to 6:00pm.

3.      The Homework Club provides opportunity for supervised, self-directed engagement in the school’s curriculum which may include sports or games relevant to the curriculum.

4.      Whereas the Homework Club does not provide tutorial assistance, students may seek help from a teacher supervising the Homework Club.

5.      Breaks from curriculum activities will be provided at the discretion of supervising teachers.

6.      Parents school enroll their children in the School of Special Tuition if they would like their children to receive tutorial assistance with homework.

7.      Homework Club fees will be separate from and in addition to Redeemer Baptist School tuition fees.

8.      Homework Club fees will be invoiced on a monthly basis by Redeemer Baptist School and must be paid following receipt of monthly invoices to Redeemer Baptist School.

9.      Fees from the start of Term 1, 2016 will be as follows:

One Child :   $10.00 per hour for first hour

$7.00 per hour for subsequent hours

Family :         $15.00 per hour for first hour

$7.00 per hour for subsequent hours

10.   Notice must be given of non-attendance otherwise fees must be paid.

11.   Continuation of attendance of the Homework Club will be at the discretion of Redeemer Baptist School.

Students may not be permitted to attend Homework Club if parents do not pick up their children by 6pm.

13.   All enquiries, correspondence and payments should be addressed to Redeemer Baptist School.