The School welcomes students from overseas, being registered under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act) and as such is listed in the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) No. 00415K. Courses: Primary K–6 (008284G), Junior Secondary 7–10 (005105F), Senior Secondary11–12 (005106E). Senior Secondary students who satisfy BOSTES (Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards) requirements, will be awarded the NSW Higher School Certificate.

The mode of learning is full-time on-campus face-to-face delivery including direct instruction, discussion, tutorial, laboratory, workshop, excursions, camps, individual study and borderless classroom for out-of-school-hours learning using technology enhanced forms of delivery. The School does not offer distance, online or hybrid modes of course delivery.

Redeemer Baptist School does not grant course credit to overseas students.

Prior to an offer of enrolment, overseas students must provide documentary evidence of prior school studies, including evidence that the student has a sufficient standard of English to cope with the course. The School may require IELTS or another English language test prior to making an offer of enrolment. The School will make an offer for a particular Year of study within the Primary, Junior Secondary or Senior Secondary courses in its sole and absolute discretion based on the documentary evidence provided by the student.

At the time of entry, overseas students will be re-assessed by TESOL staff and a special program instituted to ensure English proficiency is satisfactory. There is an expectation that students entering should have attained proficiency as follows:

High Intermediate – Advanced

Years 7 & 8
Years 9 & 10
Years 11 & 12