The School seeks to create a learning environment that is thoughtful, free, sharing and respectful, rather than competitive, self-serving and fearful. This provides for the development of an authentic community. The School also seeks to encourage and strengthen Christian families in addition to those families who wish to share the life of the School.

Redeemer Baptist School offers a comprehensive range of academic subjects and activities for all ages. The School has consistently obtained high academic achievements in the Higher School Certificate (HSC), and in many other State and National competitions.

The school is recognised for its clear expectations in teaching and learning, and has a strong focus on its K–12 literacy program using the WRAP—Writing Approach to Reading—method of instruction. Redeemer Baptist School, along with other schools and personnel, has been instrumental in introducing this WRAP program to staff in schools in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, SA and the NT.

Senior school students are offered a full range of subject selections, including higher level subjects such as Mathematics—Extension 2. A special language program is also provided for students of non-English speaking backgrounds.

The camping program of the School provides great opportunity for students to experience a range of adventures—canoeing, hiking, swimming—and to be challenged in their values and beliefs.

The Hills Regional Skills Centre, at our Castle Hill campus, is a Registered Training Organisation providing a Vocational Education program for senior students. The Hills Regional Skills Centre is a cross-sectoral education facility and as such is designed to serve Government and Non-government schools alike. Courses offered are: Construction; Information, Digital Media and Technology; Hospitality; and Business.

Whilst employing a balanced approach to learning with technology, Redeemer Baptist School has pioneered developments within the Design and Technology course, winning many awards. From 1996 - 2008, the School has won State and regional awards in the NSW "Minister’s Young Designers Awards" competition. In 2010, a Redeemer student won the Powehouse Museum award for innovation and design. The School has also gained an excellent reputation in Music and Drama.

Redeemer students have been named the NSW Science Teachers’ Association Young Scientist of the Year five times: Peter Rees (2000); Marcus Cannon and Simeon Cannon (2003); Ian Cannon and Rickystan Savaiko (2006); Chaneg Torres (2008); and Chanum Torres (2014). In addition, eleven Redeemer students have represented Australia in the Intel ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) which is conducted in USA and ten of them have taken out significant awards. Redeemer students have also been winners of the BHP Billiton Science Awards, including: Peter Kaye-Smith (1999); Keith Lam and Marbury Lau (2000); Marcus Cannon and Simeon Cannon (2004); and Ian Cannon and Rickystan Savaiko (2007). The successes of the School in this area are well known, too many to list.